Last night, I watched a film called Personal Shopper starring Kristen Stewart which a young American in Paris works as a personal shopper for a celebrity. She seems to have the ability to communicate with spirits, like her recently deceased twin brother. Soon, she starts to receive ambiguous messages from an unknown source.

Here is the trailer:
When I have seen this film — they have mentioned an artist called Hilma af Klint who was a Swedish artist and mystic whose paintings were amongst the first abstract art. She belonged to a group called “The Five”, a circle of women who shared her belief in the importance of trying to make contact with the so-called ‘High Masters’ (spirits) – often by way of séances. Her paintings, which sometimes resemble diagrams, were a visual representation of complex spiritual ideas.
Documentary of Hilma af Klint:
Georgiana Houghton was a British artist and spiritualist medium. Her artworks are abstract expressionism, and they are quite interesting of how the spiritualist has contacted with spirits while she was drawing or painting.
Georgiana Houghton’s work: