Untitled – Ink and Acrylic on Canvas

Here are some Images of work that from work I was doing before I met Joanna Gilbert.  (But our collab deserves a post of its own ).

I focused on just the exploring different materials within painting. Such as different gloss mediums and things that add and change the texture of piece. I was ( an still am ) fascinated with the use of materials and how you can build and manipulate them.

I was playing with idea of spontaneity and as well as aesthetic appeal. I was initially trying to make my work that look like It had been thrown into a “Holi” festival. This festival the celebration of spring and love in India. Friends and family come together to throw pigments of rich colours derived from the extracts of natural material. To me its the festival where everyone is a conscious performer and its beautiful to witness and even take part in.

Thereby I approach these pieces the same way I would in a “Holi” Festival, with excitement colour and spontaneity.


  • Esra vazirally