Two people can’t have the same identity but according to Leibniz

“x is the same as y if and only if every predicate true of x is true of y as well”

The X in Y” is a video performance that presented in our live project pop up show “The Fridge”. The video presented on the screen of a party dance booth left that I found in the space. The concept, although it was a spontaneous reaction against my previous works of canvas and hair extension, it was also a future transition to the real against the fake ones.

Appropriating the human body for the sake of art.

And by the word body I mean teeth. Seeing them in different place that they should be (mouth) it creates feeling of distress and disgust. The idea stemmed from the video was the one of identity appropriations. Trying to be someone else (a.k.a Create an Immortal version of ourselves that defies decay) can result in a disgusting image but sometimes can result in some twisted erotic image (according to the audience).



By Eirini Pouliasi / Irene Pouliassi