Starting by extracting lines, forms and atmosphere from imagination and recollection to kungfu figure, my subject almost could not provide any visual leading in color. This makes a problem, which is, I usually need to think (and re-think) what color to use during practice. Such immediateness and intuition are totally fine for exploration in testing pieces, but not sustainable for developing series of works.

Color in mind coming by intuition easily repeats the most impressive case in the experience, what the most impressive case did, is not necessary to be the best, but it could easily occupy our mind. Possibility of color are too big for the brain to carry, and it is much greater than the experience only from intuition. Keeping the limited color cases in mind is just limiting the color exploration. Most great painters spend ten years or more to explore their colors even they are assisted by representative subjects. I think (and I realized) it is no sense to rely on intuition in color to continue my long lasting topic anymore.

So, I have started to organize and sort out my color table in my hand. It is a very basic traditional task in painting, which maybe thought to be too stubborn. But in my case, I found it is really mentally helpful to provide visual assistance when I am searching color for the composition,  so that I could spend the intuition for how to paint, but not wasting energy in non-efficient color choice every time, which make the practice process much more smooth. I realize again that traditional methods and strategies may block our mind if we are merely taught, but they are really helpful if we find them out by ourselves.


Wai Kit CHAN (Hector)