Our first show as MAFA was very fast paced. We had only a week to come up what the future of “Art” would look like and put on a show with people you had JUST met. We were given objects from last years show and were only meant to incorporate these items.

We thought long and hard and the first thing we were all worried about was ” where would the bar be ?”

Once threw ideas back and forth until we came up with an idea and called it “path”. Though surprisingly enough it was at this show I realised I wanted to add more performance to my solely abstract painting based work. We destroyed all the material and created a path with the broken objects ( covered with bin bags ).

I think the most I had personally was destroying things , I discovered a new side of me I did not know existed.

I look like a crazy female and I felt great ! Hello Performance ! Little Sneak Peak off the what was included in the show:

  • Esra Vazirally