Since the beginning of last term I have shown work in 4 group shows outside of college, one in college and did a radio show.


Where I exhibited this:

It is an illustration from a fan letter addressed to GG Allin whilst he was imprisoned embroidered on to a Viet Kong battle flag from 1968.

The show was curated by photographer and poet Louie Jenkins at the fantastic Doomed Gallery.


‘Behind the Sun’ curated by John Slade / Hide your toys studio.

I was one of 10 graphic artists to adorn the walls of well known central London bar The Social between October through to December. Although I am dubious of exhibitions in bars It was very tastefully put together and worked perfectly in the small space.

I exhibited one of my recent series of screen prints over 19th century Japanese woodblock prints.

Heres what the ‘show’ looked like minus 2 out of view:


‘Flags’ curated by T-shirt brand Everpress + creative agency / gallery Beach London.

I have worked closely with Beach over the years as a result of having had 2 solo shows at their former Cheshire street gallery space. They often find me commercial work and include me in group exhibitions like this one. Similarly I have worked with Everpress numerous times over the past couple of years including designing this as part of their ongoing 50 / 50 project. It was a fun project to be involved in and gave me an excuse to use an image I’d wanted to create for a while. I submitted this design combining the Grateful dead logo with a classic Judge Dredd illustration. Grateful Dredd. Get it?


As well as a show of printed flags T shirts were sold online to accompany the show.

Poor installation shot of where mine was placed (awaiting better snaps from the gallery):

+ the 4th of the exterior shows I already mentioned here.

Also at the MAFA Gallery:

All credit goes to Corey for booking the show and getting us all together. He even tidied up at the end and took some great photos!

I honestly think it made for a good looking show and gave us all a chance to talk about each other’s work in a context outside of just purely the course.

I look forward to working with all these guys again.

Heres a shot of my pieces all together and Corey’s sculpture in the foreground.

I think moving forward I need to work on how I present the pieces in to make them 100% exhibition ready. All going well I’ll be showing them again in April so need to think about a way of framing / presenting them that is a little more interesting than simply pinning to the wall.

And lastly the radio show:

I previously gave up a regular radio show I was doing for 4 years on NTS in an attempt to consolidate mine and perhaps other people’s attention towards what I then described as my ‘fine art’ practice. But I now realise a fine art practice can be anything you want it to be and a radio show can definitely be part of that. Or at least anything you do outside of your more obvious fine art practice only helps to add context to it. Basically me doing things that make me happy is the most important practice of all so I decided my radio show Wine Lips is due a resurgence.