Why do so many greedy or ironic behaviors arise?

Everyone has an object or an act that attaches to each one of them. Material, love, sex, health, or even daily life, obsession occurs in a variety of behaviors in the relationship between individuals and people. It has a somewhat different tendency from simple tastes and relationships.

The purpose or object of obsession may be different, but most obsession is based on selfishness for oneself, not altruism for others.

Obsession is greed based on selfishness. That is why people can not accept others’ opinions about obsession, only their opinions are important, and their own frame to look at the object further. A once-obsession does not change easily, it affects the behavior and taste of the person, and does not just stop there, but leads to confrontation with others.

People are shady about their own abnormal behavior and their confrontation with others. Because obsession is based on selfishness, people want to conceal and hide their objects or behaviors. But obsession is a characteristic that already forms the person, so it is not easy to throw away obsession. Therefore, people want to hide rather than quit, and this desire for concealment leads to the act of packing their attachment.

In other words, we want to package our objects of obsession or actions through what is already being pursued as a social ideology. People want to be proud by paving the ill-behaved behavior and eventually deceive themselves. People’s judgments based on these obsessions have errors, they do not understand others, and they do not want to understand them.

Eventually, actions that are initiated from simple interests and preferences are transformed into pervert behaviors because of ‘obsession’, beyond reasonable care and relationships.

Because of the obsession, people become more important in their own thinking, have a frame to look at their own world, and can not recognize others. Furthermore, it is wrapped in a well-conceived good, and comes out from the shade to the sun and deepens the conflict between people or groups.