One of my recent work is about an Iraqi prisoner arrested by American soldiers during the occupation of Iraq. This work based on a real photograph of the event that catches my eye because the position of this man was showing his hands  was tightened  behind him as we can see he is in a very uncomfortable physical state. His cloths and feet were covered by his land’s dust giving a goldish colour, this made me  feel the richness of this land but it’s people has been always suffering from lack of freedom or comfortable life.

I have used copper and rust powder to paint this on black canvas. I have bleached some parts of the canvas to create patches of lighter effect. I have used bleach on a black canvas as a way of trying to dig through the blackness to discover hiding stories by bleaching out what is there to find what underneath of what we see.

I have used rust in this work and many other previous works because I believe that rust is a result of end of life for iron and its orange colour or effect is close to the colour of blood and this is giving me the meaning of death or end of life.





Gardenia White