The Mayan calendar, a relic of the past, is so accurate that it is the foundation of the modern calendar.

So even though it was a very old thing, there was even a conspiracy theory that the earth would be destroyed on the day the calendar stopped.

The power of objects that are recognized as ordinary or conventional is considered to be great.

I want to have meaningless patterns created through Lotto numbers on the Mayan calendar, which makes people believe and fascinate.


In order to create the Mayan calendar by placing the logos and meaningless patterns of the lotto among the important symbols of the Mayan calendar,

I would like to draw it on a mirror that was considered sacred and conveys the will of the sky.

Through the process of finding Lotto patterns, objects of meaningless objects and acts, from meaningful artifacts,

I want people to recognize the process in which their attachments are packaged as conventional or conventional.

At this time, can people find out how meaningless their obsession is?