Teamlab, the Japanese super digital art group. Art show. To learn! The future amusement park digital creative show is on display at the Japan future science museum in Tokyo. Teamlab, founded in 2001 in Tokyo, is one of programmers, engineers, mathematicians, architects, web designers, CG animators, designers and other technical field of elite, super group. The group has created a series of digital art works, and provides new media digital display ideas and technical support for many commercial brands. The latest image art, apex technology such as artificial intelligence in the field of applied art, advertising Teamlab, every launch works much anticipated, the exhibition assembled 15 works this year, both adults and children can enjoy their creation science and technology full of emotions and full of sense of the art world in the future.

<Flower and man> is composed of channels and infinite space. In an hour, you can see the seasonal changes of flowers growing in Tokyo over the course of a year. The work is not a pre-recorded image, but is based on the actual time set by the computer program. Germination, budding, flowering, wilted death. They keep repeating the cycle of flowers. Flowers also bloom or wither in an instant, as people move (or violently or still). Flowers are influenced by people and change their attitude in eternity. The moment that you see is limited to this moment, not twice.

<Nirvana> to active in the middle of the Japanese edo painters ITO, if rushed (1716 ~ 1800) works “bird flowers and trees screen” and “tree of flowers and birds screen” of creation. If he is good at drawing “ascending order” (ascending order: square). This is to divide the picture into tens of thousands of squares, and then fill each grid with a unique artistic method of color. This has something to do with the pixels that the computer now makes. Some people say that if the shot was made to create a painting technique that was born in the west of Kyoto, it is the same as the actual fabric. If rushed up eye picture of every grid full filling with several kind of color around rocks, from which we can infer the impressionism, stippled before, the ancients had mixed visual optical concept. Using this knowledge of the ancients, Teamlab realized the three-dimensional plane rendering of traditional Japanese art works in virtual 3d space through digital technology. When we look at the whole work, we can see a colorful three-dimensional world of slow motion due to the visual mixing. When you look at your work closely, the colors drawn around each square are constantly changing, presenting a rapidly changing digital plane world. , It can be said that this is a visual art animation with a huge amount of data, fast and slow two time axis coexistence.