War and Art goes back in history and as we can see from the picture on of early depiction of art and war could be found that dates back to 2400 BC. There is an ancient piece of archelogy from then city-state like Ur in south of Iraq the “Royal standard of Ur” show depict a war by showing a parade of victory celebration and spoil of war.

The interesting part of this work is it looks very modern in terms of art style while it dates back thousands years. The first line shows a centre of the leader or king where his people comes from both right and left to great him.

We can see both peace and war in this work as we see the first line is very ordered and slowly in the middle line this harmony and order changes and until we see dis order and ciaos in the bottom line which represent war and devastation.

This old piece from the Sumerian was found by British discoverer Leonard Woolley in city of Ur which is in south Iraq and now restored and on display at the British museum in London is among first artefact that depicts war several thousand years before the birth of Christ.

Reference: Art and war, Laura Brandon


Gardenia White