How does my space influence my work?

So, we had a bit of a breakthrough on our PT Interim show and are going to be exploring the issue of how each of our individual spaces (all outside of Chelsea) influences our work.  Initially I was thinking about the chickens, ducks and trees around my studio and how that is sort of novel.  Maybe I include a live chicken in the show?  Then upon reflection I realised that those things really don’t make it into the work.  So what does?

When I boiled it down the things that are important have nothing to do with the geographic space and have more to do with my personal space:  my ‘brain dump’ wall (critical), my Ikea rug, the ‘right’ music, lots of rags and chai tea. I’m going to figure out how to possibly incorporate some of this into the curation for the 25th, but in the meantime: What is the ‘right’ music?  What is my current ‘Desert Island Disc’ selection for painting?  Certainly, a more fun task than putting together a Study Plan…


Ch-Check It Out by Beastie Boys

Giant Peach by Wolf Alice

Fade Out Lines (The Avener Rework) by The Avener & Phoebe Killdeer

Best Mamgu Ever by Underworld

Kids With Guns (Hot Chip Remixes) by Gorillaz

Spanish Key by Miles Davis

Cavern by Liquid Liquid

The Great Curve by Talking Heads


Also, I can recommend the Spotify playlist that the Barbican put together for the Basquait exhibition.  Just search ‘Basquait: Boom For Real’.  It is a fun mash-up of Basquait’s jazz influences and early 80’s NY-scene disco and hip-hop.  Also for a good eclectic mix try KCRW Eclectic 24.  It’s the all-music internet station from LA-based public radio station KCRW.

Amy Robson