Human, is one of the few with upright walking function, thus hands free to engage in other activities of one of the animals, the brain has strong ability of abstract thinking, not only can control the physical characteristics, the brain can also make it in the form of a language for symbolic and oral communication, and develop a highly diverse culture. Good at mastering all kinds of behaviors and adapting to the environment by learning. The earliest humans built a sacred order through their creative thinking and reasoning ability, and the human life went on from generation to generation. The creation myth tells of the alliance between the gods and demons, and witnesses the emergence of people from the sacred trees that connect the space of the universe to the caves of the earth. They create an inseparable symbolic link between humans and other forms of life, such as animals, plants and celestial beings. In the cave paintings of more than 30, 000 years ago, the CroMagnon depicted the animals and their symbolic lives. They moulded the clay into the shape of a bison in a dark chamber below the earth’s surface. When the shamans(who have the ability to communicate with the supernatural) are in the midst of a massive ceremony, the sculptures will flicker in the fire. Evolution of human brain, language and thought processes, beliefs, way in intangible, archaeologists by a small number of human fossils and remains of human behavior (remaining items, food, etc.) to help study distant human past. The advent of tool making technology in East Africa 2.5 million years ago could be seen as an epoch-making moment; The next exciting thing is that the human brain’s capacity has increased dramatically over the next million years. Until 60,000-30,000 years ago, the modern brain was fully developed, and homo sapiens developed more sophisticated techniques, art, and the earliest religious beliefs.

After a long evolutionary process, the rapid development of human intelligence, emotional intelligence, the collective mind and technology in all kinds of magical results driven by long time is variable, with the purpose of modern human civilization on earth overlay on a large scale, the human is from the role of the creator of the offerer, in a sense, adopts the function of the “creator”. For a period of time, man was almost conceited to think of himself as the Lord of the universe. After a period of time, human beings become humble once again, in the face of natural disasters and the consequences of the war of mass destruction. From “the Lord of nature” voluntarily abdicate to be “son of nature”. In the course of human evolution to modern times, compared with the material in the form of a change of posture, the human mind in more high speed changes, the change of the high speed at the same time have the characteristics of evolution and degeneration, as mentioned above, the concept of “cycle”, up from a dramatic amplitude singularity characteristics began to to the park and back). A deeper understanding of the world also promotes the real nature of the world and the spiritual world. Philosophy, religion, science, art and psychology have brought the human world to a wider and more magical world. Just as “god created man according to his image”, man makes artificial intelligence according to his own image. The computer is used to simulate some thought processes and intelligent behaviors of human beings, and realize higher level of application. Marvin Minsky says human thinking is the society of mind. Humans run on thinking of ecosystem, which contains a variety of cognitive abilities, they are like different species make up the ecosystem, but also can complete different kinds of ways of thinking, including deduction and induction, symbolic reasoning, emotional intelligence, spatial logic, short-term memory and long-term memory. The entire nervous system in our body is also a brain with its own cognitive model. Artificial intelligence is an alien intelligence. The intelligent extension of human beings – the substitution of human physical bodies for the direct realization of intelligent behavior in the process of human evolution. The emergence and rapid development of artificial intelligence bring mankind into the next special era. Humans, and the future trend of plus or minus is unknown, in the artificial intelligence of human intelligence derivatives have brought about by the tremendous convenience and joy at the same time, human also panic over time will be over and above the human intelligence and artificial intelligence as a mixed stance against the threat of human existence.