In the slow-moving past, when a new technology emerged in that industry, it was initially despised by the industry: The American voice looks down on the popularity of music, using the abacus to use calculators, hand-carved to look down on machine sculpture. Silent films despise sound films, classic oil paintings despise photography… However, when the new technology reduces the traditional skill level and further develops, the traditional technology cannot be despised. Instead, technology has pushed the development of this category. So when it comes to art, and art is often take an examination of the evolvement of the every technology driven, of course, many artists would deny that says it is the artist’s creative push, but we stand in the art history point of view, the importance of technology cannot be ignored.

In addition to Michelangelo’s painting, leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael are masters of oil painting. Why are they the same people? Why not? In fact, it’s very simple. The oil painting hasn’t been invented yet. Oil painting is by the 14th century, the Netherlands, two painters who love brothers (and his brother hu Bert van love last love g g) found a simple oil painting pigment, the method of melting produced pure painting. Because the colors of nature are found in all kinds of minerals, oil is used to mix these mineral powders with linseed oil. Before such technology was invented, it was mixed with egg white, called tampera technique, also called egg color painting.

The disadvantages of egg color painting are: 1. The transition color is not easy to draw, and the level of color is not easy to express. 2. Easy to dry, it is not easy to modify; 3, the above when dry film fragile, easily broken, so can’t draw on the cloth, can only draw the wood, but wood and heavy, large template for easy to deformation, so are drawn in small CheFu plank. So after painting technology invented the first transition rich solved the color levels, can be repeatedly modified, painter can also on the larger CheFu creation, so the oil painting of artistic expression is tempera previously unimaginable, promote the painting art by leaps and bounds. Again, the classical figure painting has a star, which is photography. The Mona Lisa, in fact, is a personal portrait order.

Watching Chaplin from the sound of movies, to 1940’s the great dictator, he finally opened his mouth. His opening led to the complete replacement of silent films with sound films. Therefore, the progress of technology is also leading to the progress of artists. In the past, the art world was always looking down on new ones, such as the classic works of the sun, and the new work is the lower riba. Because the technology progress is slow, so the difficulty of the old art form was prominent characteristics shown, because of difficult, so I looked down on by the technological progress and reduce the difficulty of the new form. And we live in an age of technology by leaps and bounds, once appear, and the technology developing, artistic forms will be greatly broadened, so those old artists have to use new technology. For example, now more and more respected online writers “under the sun”, “south of the three uncle”. In 2011, for example, the national endowment for the arts has announced that video games are the ninth largest art in the world. For example, CG. For example, art micro-jet.

It used to be that the older the better, the older the better, but in this middle class consumption upgrade, will it be the higher the technology?