Working flat out to get all the Tate Modern Late Artificial Intelligence installations perfected. Managing different levels of stress, risk-taking, innovations and team work to a tight timeline meant Christmas holidays came and went without respite.

We have spent countless hours over (50hours) :

  • Getting a great team together
  • Scoping the critical enquiry around Artificial Intelligence – ‘Relationship of AI and humans’
  • Deciding what to show to make the event not only interesting and ¬†immersive but also relevant to our critical enquiry.
  • Working out the questions to ask the audience and the script for the robots that is meaningful and will lead to further debate
  • Researching the relevant facts to talk with the audience
  • logistics planning: what equipment, what location in the Tate to show, lighting, sound, visuals, design, branding
  • AI project management
  • Task and role allocation
  • Filming the holographic robot
  • Making the mechanical robot act, sound and appear credible and engaging
  • Negotiating the specifics with Tate management
  • Testing the installations and presentation
  • Promotion
  • Planning how to get the equipment/installations delivered and set-up in the Tate in one afternoon
  • Planning take-down in half an hour


We (The AI team) would love to see you there on the 26th !