Resting Place for My Ancestors, a wooden floating structure for the waterfowl on the Thames.

I have spent a couple of weeks building the contraption. Researching the intended users preferences along the way and learned many a thing about these creatures. According to a scientific study Seagull prefer green when it’s comes to colour.

When the weather and the tide time was favorable, we headed down to the river with the piece, including an 8kg anchor attached with a 4 meter rope. We placed the structure by the water and buried the anchor for extra support against the elements.

Than I filmed the tide coming in and lifting the device up and away before the sun finally set.

When I returned the next day to see if it survived the windy night and if it is being used by the birds, it was nowhere to be seen, all was left is the rope bobbing along peacefully in the water.



Contrary to the loss of Resting Place, and the ultimate failure of the experiment, there was something poetic about the yellow rope floating like a snake atop the water, and I learned to take better notice of the powers within the natural elements. Next time there will be a stronger and longer rope and I will place the piece closer to the shore so as not too submerged too deep underwater.

Monika Tobel