The Laundromat- A Review of My Group Project

(There are some pictures at the end of the article, but the most controversial ones could only be obtained upon request)

The event was held at the same day of the release of” The Disaster Artist” in Prince Charles Cinema which is probably my favourite spot in the UK.

“The Disaster Artist” is a documentary-like recreation of “The Room” , which is Tommy Wiseau’s best known cult film, also the most “unprofitable”one.

I felt like I am the disaster artist of the event. Our works were teared down by an old lady right after she came in, I was racially attacked by her thereafter and was also attacked by other artists at the presentation saying that I should not use a torch pointing at her after she destroyed our artworks.

As a matter of fact, she called the securities twice and police once, but none of them reckoned that we were doing things illegal and inappropriate here. In addition, she told them we were racists, regardless of the fact that she was the only one who did improper things there.

At the presentation, I was very astonished that people really had the passion to make biased comments on what they have not seen. Even when they have partial and rather limited knowledge of what was going on there, they are ready to talk. I did not want to fight back at that moment, but if I had a torch, I would do the same thing to the “critics” just as what I did to the old lady.

What is the “justified” reaction of a person or of “a disaster artist”? What is the “right” confrontation to different views? How much mercy should we give to someone from a lower class but behave not very well?


Making art is a risk taking thing.


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