The process of making Art is pretty much like the process of investing a financial project. The most risky one is always the most profitable one.

Coming from a finance background, I am thrilled to this kind of risk taking process and what is the most interesting is that, unlike making investments where risk is a double-sided sword , the outcome of risky experimentation of art is generally good.

This is an art world where full of rubbish that has been piling up in the galleries for so long where everyone just shut the mouth doing more rubbish. Nothing seems experimental these days and “Experimental” is merely regarded as a “category of art” but not a “spirit of doing art”.

However, the highest end of making art for me is not that having a sense of taking risk everyday and being passionate for the sake of being experimental. It is to do it naturally and do not care about it. To be passionate without passion.

An interview with Bruce Gilden on the streets

Bruce Gilden is one of my best photographer and definitely an Iconic street photographer with a unique style,  Bruce Gilden was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1946. He first went to Penn State University but he found his sociology courses too boring for his temperament and he quit college. Gilden briefly toyed with the idea of being an actor but in 1967, he decided to buy a camera and to become a photographer. Although he did attend some evening classes at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Bruce Gilden is to be considered substantially a self-taught photographer.

The photographic style of Bruce Gilden is defined by the dynamic accent of his pictures, his special graphic qualities, and his original and direct manner of shooting the faces of passers-by with a flash. Gilden’s powerful images in black and white and now in color have brought him worldwide fame.

I personally do not think that Bruce Gilden has the passion of photography. He is not passionate about shooting but found that it is the only way to record the risk of the streets. It is the risk taking makes him happy.