Sum up from this TED talk

1 AI is smater than human in some particular aspects

2 Efficiency of AI is very high,the way human do things is very inefficient. ART is inefficient.

3Human will work with AI in the future.

Now there is a new way to do design, which is computer calculate all the possible solutions based on designer need. It is called Generative Design.

How cool is it. And the design generated by AI looks cools.

It looks like a organic object which human cant design.

OK AI realy have super high efficiency. But then we only have one posibility, always is the best one.

This a 3D model I design using Autodesk Fusion 360. I am amazed by the sofetware, which have many fuction allowing me design such butifull object quickly. Different from product design, I dont have to think about efficiency. Art is rellay not about efficient, it is about posibility.

Have a look at a show called “Assemblance“. The team use many laser projecters and AI image analysis build this installation. Audiences can play with the laser and even cooperate with each other to create new figures. The posibility is realy endless. And it shows the relationship between human and AI is cooperative.