I’m interested in the boundaries between space and space or 2-dimension and 3-dimension.

And I found Anthony McCall interview with Peyton-Jones and Hans Ulrich.  In the interview, he said

“They came in quite early, during the private process of developing the idea. The drawings on the wall are in sequence with an interval of about five minutes between each step. So they form a kind of three-dimensional storyboard, each drawing being a quick rendering of the projected object. Sometimes my sequential drawings are two-dimensional, just showing what you would see on the screen. The thing is, with my films, I have to constantly go back and forth between two and three dimensions. In order to realise a three-dimensional installation I have to first make a two-dimensional film. And an idea can grow from either end. Sometimes I begin with an idea which is two-dimensional, just based on the movement of a line across a frame and I develop an idea about its progressive growth or change. Sometimes the idea will begin from a three-dimensional idea and I then have to work backwards to the two-dimensional to figure out how to make it. Sometimes it’s a spatial idea, like the pieces on the wall with the intersecting beams. But then I will have to unpick the two intersecting beams, look at what they would look like in two dimensions and then work out a storyboard and production score for the two-dimensional, linear development.”