And finally I’m painting the colours to the music.

I spent Monday in the audio visual suite filming more colouful lighting footage. The professional lights I hired were brighter and had a better colour range and I had coloured lighting gels to add.  It was great to have a friend providing a second pair of hands.  But mixing lights is different from mixing pigments and many colour combinations just didn’t show up.  And although I’d been shown how to create subtle shades by combining different colours, I couldn’t remember how to do it so had to work with the colours as they came.  The lights I’d bought and the gel combinations I’d made had so little effect alongside the professional lights that they didn’t add anything.

The footage was definitely better than my first attempt, but I still wasn’t convinced I’d enough range and interest – and I hadn’t managed to produce the rippling effects of the harp as I hoped.  So what was to be done?  I was tempted to get more advice, hire more lights and find more assistants to achieve more complex effects – but the audio visual suite was booked so it was on to plan B.  The only possibility seemed to be to cheat and buy footage on line.  It needed to be colouful and light based – but not urban street scenes or coloured bubbles.  I selected 5 short clips, one of which seemed particularly suitable to accompany the harp.

After a couple of days of editing I’ve completed just over two thirds of the 4 minute video.  The biggest challenge is linking my work with the purchased footage.  One track is exclusively my work and holds the rhythm and follows the main melody.  Whenever the music becomes more complex, including whenever the harp is playing, I’ve added purchased material on a second track with reduced opacity so the tracks blend.  This second track adds a lot more colour and additional rhythm.  These examples show the differences between single and double tracks.

I think I’ve achieved some of what I set out to do in catching the rhythm and overall spirit of the music.  But I didn’t have varied enough footage to match the colours to the instruments and phrases of the music as well as I would have wished.