With the rise of the Hollywood film industry and the mature, its production and gradually dominant narrative mode, however, with the new digital technology in film production and presents the application of this situation gradually changed. From the 1990 s to today, the 21st century of a new generation of artists with a new way of complete rupture of the 20th century, to regain energy, an experimental films in the new era has quietly come, the artists in contemporary film medium experiment into historical context is discussed, the new historical dialogue.

Austrian artists Mathias Poledna creation started in the 2013 movie device Imitation of Life, the work is a length of 35 mm color film about three minutes of the film, the film USES the animation techniques for handmade way, while the new technology bring new optical experience has changed people’s knowledge of film, but the film vigorous spirit and visual sense aroused in the late 1930 s and early 40 s the memory of the golden age of America’s animation industry, based on the European modernism, has made the film surface, color and length of treatment, this is the time of the avant-garde critics praised method. As Jim hoberman, a prominent film critic, puts it, the skills and reality are a variation of each other, and the 3-d technology offers new possibilities for some of the new generation of artists in the rest of the show.

The German film theorist Siegfried krakauer once wrote: “technology has made us feel bad, and the space that it opens up is so empty.” Here, he is not only bemoaning the lack or alienation of mechanized world, but also expresses the joy and expectation of technology for the possibility of film experience and visual space.