Just find some interesting Art pieces using high technology.

First look at my favorite one, some robotic snakes called ” Petting Zoo”, done by a group called Minimaforms.

These snakes would bend and move towards people when people approch, even react to emotional expression also.  The trick is supported by Human body image analysis technology. A computer captures images from cameras and analysis them, which so where are the human body, even where is the hands, head, face.

This is not something new. It has been existing for more than 10 years. The robt I am working on also uses a similar technology, called OPENCV, which is a algorithm can analysis digital image in a mathematical way. OPENCV is invented by a group of people, then being shared on the internet and constenly being refined. Years by years, people around the world invent new algorithms and try to teach computer detect and recognize things faster and more acurratly.

Yes, they teach. Computers are looking at millions pictures of human, cars, dogs, anythings you want them to recognize, to learn what looks like a human, a car, a dog and so on. This technology is indispensable. AI, self driving vehicles are based on it. Surveillance systems are based on it too. We are surounded by cameras, which are not just recording us, but also analysising and tracking us.

Back to the art work. Ironically, It seems the snakes are audience and people in the gallery are the anmials in a ZOO.

this is a video about YOLO, a quite new objects detecting algorithm. I am amazed by its speed and acurracy.