As Wilma progresses, Will and I want to take more of a curatorial role within its programming. We feel that within the first term it has functioned as a space for hire, which we see as only one strand of its capability. In the exhibitions and events Wilma was a part of, we experienced two strands of interaction. One of collaboration and engagement, the other as a table with two free bar tenders. We want to be more than furniture, we want to collaborate, exchange and develop work with the artists directly using Wilma as a platform.

We are going to focus much more on the curation of Wilma and its ability to directly engage with artists whose work centres around social practices, performance and constructed situations. We are in the process of putting together a rolling programme of exhibitions/events to run over the course of the next year. We want experiment and take Wilma into the public in some form or another, whether that is engaging with the public to build a new Wilma in another city or whether that is to roll her out into the streets, we aren’t sure but we do know that we want to have more fun and be more playful with Wilma’s potential.

The upcoming MA show feels like the first time in which Wilma will become a single piece, both art performance and bar. We have invited Brian ‘Dawn’ Chalkley and Mark Lungley to engage with Wilma in the ways I’ve just described. Brian, Will and I had our first meeting on Thursday; we all feel on the same page. We want it to be a fun and lively night with live drawings and painting, plenty of colour, cocktails and soul music – we’re really excited to see what Dawn, Mark and Wilma can do.

We have more planned but for now, just like The Carpenters, ‘We’ve only just begun’.


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Matthew Weir

Will Coups