Why do I always eat Walkers crisps when I know that McCoys are in most ways superior?

Crisp packets, glue, tape.

My Mum goes to Waitrose now, I don’t know what to say to her.

High quality Sainsbury’s carrier bags, glue, blu tac.

With these pieces I was thinking about how we form identity through, and the motivations of, habitual behaviours. I was considering culture as a heuristic or comfort blanket, and this is intended as a starting point of a dialogue.

I was inspired partially by El Anatsui and the huge pieces he makes. How do our cultures come to surround us and dictate our identity rather than augment it?

I view them as ambiguous items – they could be seen as a flags, or as a blanket. The Sainsbury’s piece also has ideas of class and alienation woven into it. As with most of my work I tried to phrase it in a way which would be disarming and have a sense of humour about it, which I feel opens up to access more complex themes. I was also interested in a meeting of high and low – cultural items, materials, how we consider identity and culture itself. Ultimately, I think they have a spatial weight, and make memorable visual items.

I tried a few different placings and permutations of them which I have added a couple of photos of below. In the end I placed them as I did in the show as I felt their placement formed a good dynamic of high and low and also gave showed up the different identities, flag and blanket, in the way they are presented.

I have presented two together as I feel one does not get the job done.

A quote:

‘Walls are meant to block views. But they block only the view of the eye […] not the imaginative.’

-El Anatsui

An interesting interview with Oziya Adaba.

Lawrence Blackman


This arrangement had strength as it is more easily relateable as a flag but I think lost the idea of a blanket.

The first crisp blanket in progress.