In the Courtauld gallery, a painting by Matisse evoked my attention, and the text besides it:

…Matisse has avoided drawing the outline of her figure,instead brushing in patches of co;our to suggest the patterning and decorative effect of the kimono she wears.”

The sentence reminds me of my application of wool. I found that one of the most prominent role of yarn in my painting always is depicting outline of subjects (whether figures or patterns) , which I’ve insisted for a long time. I was thinking, what if I don’t use yarn to draw the outline? Can I only use patches of materials to depict a subject like Matisse?…


I found that my practice seems is always a process of breaking my original ideas. In the past. I usually start a work from plane wood board or canvas, after layers build from planeness to 3D surface,
but now I found why does my work has to finish with a soft, 3D surface? So I was trying to add flat paper, plane fabric at top.



I have used to use multiple way of yarn to make painting, so I start to discover and experiment new materials such as cotton and standing paper  in my work. I’ve used to use oil pastel only in my little sketches or drawings, but now I was thinking why can’t I combine oil pastel drawing with my materials?…… Whether the result is successful or not, I believe keeping challenge myself, whether from my concept or physical method, is an crucial way of improving myself as an artist.

I am not satisfied with what’ve done within painting, so I will continuously challenge myself, accumulate more at the sphere I’ve familiar with.  However, other than this, I want to step out more, not just painting.

Next, I hope myself can start from ceramic, try more, experience more, and keep challenging what I have used to.

ziyin guan