Dan Perjovschi  makes mural installations which discuss themes mainly across politics, social issues and satire. I feel he shares common ground with other contemporary artists working with cartoon like imagery, for example David Shrigley, and the simplicity of XKCD, with whom he shares the use of naivety and humour to disarm a viewer, after which he is able to open up complex dialogues. However where he stands out for me is his creation of large collections of drawings which operate over shifting context and create networks of relationships which generate subjective meaning. A drawback of his style of drawing is that often a representation can be seen as reductive and simplistic, but by creating networks between drawings he gets around this problem.

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What I find particularly interesting and attractive is the versatility of his practice and his ability, through travel, to apply it to different contexts. As he says in the interview listed below, he can call his work cartoons or graffiti, or anything else, to shift its context as he wishes.

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He also describes how, as he doesn’t produce an object as such, but a mark upon an object, he is able to export himself to different places, allowing him to enjoy a holiday, but also directly inserting himself into a context.

As an aside, I think his way of working could be seen as a residue of his nationality as a Romanian, from a state that has itself been shattered in a way that could produce a fragmentary identity.

The idea of disparate parts forming relationships which construct a network of meanings is something that has been central to my practice, both in individual disciplines and across the practice as a whole, and which I plan to return to investigating more in the second term.


Dan Perjovschi artist talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coo-lQNT_jQ

Lawrence Blackman