These works by Ghedi Sibony are huge pieces of metal cut from decommisioned semi trailers.

I like the repurposing and recycling of “objects of disuse”, the semi trailers were presumably carriers for goods and commodities, and also mobile advertising for furthering consumerist agendas.

The logos and advertising text are painted out as part of the “decommissioning”, and the metal flats are presented as traditional paintings, in turn hung on the wall like any other painting.

Something previously marked and in turn defaced creates a narration and a series of affectedness: an emergence of pre-existing focal laminations, a selection of composition and cropping of the accidental aesthetic, elevated to ‘high’ art.


Exhibition installation view at Greene Naftali in NYC



The Great Abundance, (2014). Aluminum semi-trailer, 95 1/8 x 89 7/8 in





Lora Nikolaeva Nikolova