Have we really moved on 100 years? It seems in many ways we haven’t…so much injustice about here there and everywhere and not just in England.

Emmeline Pankhurst was locked up in prison in Holloway, the women’s prison, for her beliefs. Is that a crime? And what sex do you suppose the judge was a hundred years ago?

Here she is in full fetching regalia now inside Holloway with daughter Christabel. Incredible ladies , thank you for all your efforts.

A surveillance photograph of militant suffragettes used by police in 1913 bears an uncanny resemblance to modern police spotter cards used to identify “potential troublemakers” at demonstrations.

Royal West of England have an exhibition until mid March
“Women with Vision”

And Turner Prize winner Gillian Wearing is the first women to have created a sculpture in the hall of (men) fame on Parliament Square – and her sculpture of Millicent Fawcett (suffragist) will be unveiled fittingly on 6th February this year – I now know the plan for my birthday – I’ll be in Parliament Square, down the road from Millbank Prison aka Chelsea!

Annabel Ludovici Gray