I expressed the visual experience I had in a forest of skyscrapers in my recent work, Familiar Scene (2014-present). I saw the glass-façade of the high-rise buildings reflecting one another to create a mise-en-scene that mixes up real space and illusions. I also observed how the buildings that cannot be seen in one perspective in reality due to the distance between them could appear and disappear from one’s viewpoints as fragmented images, invading the outline of existing buildings. They appear as illusions that confuse the physical boundary of actual space. Then I discovered that the theme that I’ve been examining was portrayed in this urbanscape: the ambiguity of boundaries and a visual and perceptual expansion of recognition. I used mirrors to reflect and recreate the fragmented images.

 Familiar Scene

So I researched some artist who use glass or mirror such as Jeppe Hein, Julio le Parc and Dan Graham.

As a result, I’m interested in the relationship between surrounding space and viewer.