Installation art as traditional forms of art to modern art form of conversion mode, a new art concept, are quite different with the traditional art form, the young artist’s work has a strong innovative, able to display the very meaningful, also is very good sample.

China’s early installation art, low cost, low technology, mainly adopts some natural materials, reflects the characteristics of agricultural civilization, and now the young generation artists of installation, widely used more high-tech and new materials. It enlarges the visual art to a kind of multi – consciousness synthesis art, has the very rich expression space.

The change of material and technology reflects the new tendency of the inner spirit of the work. The current installation art tends to be a rational spirit associated with new science, new materials, and new technologies. “In form, today’s installation art, guided by this rational spirit, has some devices related to the current social problems and critical spirit, which are related to the body and behavior. Other forms are related to the processes, techniques and techniques we have accumulated, including the level of industrial technology; There is also a form of consumption related to the question of consumer society.Whether the rationality presented by these forms can break through the tradition, it needs to be further raised as a question.

But on the other hand, some critics argue that too much emphasis on new materials, high technology, and perhaps some potential danger. Critics, curators flourishing to understand from the perspective of social production device, he thought the device the arts is the product of the industrial society, today, it has become a very classical art style. “Today, we are out of the industrial age, and the production and production relationships have changed dramatically. It can be seen that China’s manufacturing industry is declining rapidly, and the transformation of manufacturing industry and manufacturing industry also provides an opportunity for us to think about installation art. At the same time, the progress of the media and, of course, for the development of installation art thinking provides an important starting point, but the installation art go chasing the new media, or new technology, actually also has certain risk, it is easy to become a “colonial” high-tech, restraining after the prior development of science and technology for development. Therefore, it is impossible to turn the installation art into a high-tech art, and to maintain the vanguard nature of the device.