Abused Vagina

The vagina is a mediator of consciousness. To break woman down psychologically the vagina has to be attacked. Radical feminism looks at rape as a tool to show unequal power relations. I believe that rape is also an instrument to control woman physically and psychologically. By abusing the sex organ, you injure the brain and the mind of the women.

Aftereffect of sexual trauma can dysregulate the physiology of female sexual arousal as well as damage the body system that regulates the reaction to stress.

Mike Lousada is a founder of Psychosexual Somatics Therapy. He believes that emotional wounds and feelings are stored in both the mind and the body. He uses psychotherapeutic and bodywork techniques to release these memories. Many sexual issues manifest in the body but they frequently arise from the mind. In order to heal you have to work simultaneously with both.

Some sharp objects were also used to demolish women’s vaginas during the war. This act is neither sexual nor psychodynamic.

The Pear of Anguish is one of the torture devices shaped like a pear, was inserted into the mouths of people convicted sodomy or into vaginas of women convicted of adultery or “sexual relations with Satan”.

The Judas Cradle is another torture device consisted of a pyramid wooden device. The victim was places on the top of the pyramid and the pointed edge of the pyramid was slowly inserted in the anus or vagina.

While exploring the topic of what it means to be a woman I also research technics of how to make a woman less feminine or less of a woman. I believe that torture devices are interesting objects to investigate.


The Pear of Anguish


Judas Cradle


Alexandra Shatalova