Almond Mandorla is an archetypal feminine shape. It comes from a vaginal symbol that antedated Christianity. Jesus was portrayed as an infant within the vesica or mandorla, which represented the womb of the Mary.

Also Mandorla symbolizes a doorway or portal between worlds- heaven and earth coming together in the form of Jesus who is part man, part god.

This shape became part of the church’s sacred geometry by the Middle Ages.

A lot of cultures adapted the mandorla, it was used around Buddhist Saints as well as in Hindu culture. “The yoni is the gateway, or the zone of interpenetration, wherein two circles intersect”.

Mandorla or Vesica Piscis is also a symbol of the sacred Trinity and a point of creation. Circle or sphere was used to symbolize the perfect Supreme Being, existing with no beginning or no end. Two spheres represents duality, the division of male and female energies, when they overlap; this is the point of Creation. The shape can represent a mother giving birth to a child, creation of a new human being.


Alexandra Shatalova