Why use lozt?

Lozt allows me to step outside myself and act with complete freedom.

The mask removes identity. He can speak with generality whereas I am subjective to myself.

It frames what is happening as a performance.

It returns a sense of wonder to the work – a strangeness that can move towards transcendence. There is a poetry to his being which undermines a constant race to lo fi, but also a simplicity which preserves integrity of content, and can act as proposition rather than making a statement.

Brechtian distancing: his persona alienates as much as it embraces,  and encourages the audience to view the proposition objectively.

Lawrence Blackman is operating within a context. He is continually surrounded by geberal social, political and creative histories as well as his own personal narrative. Lozt is not, or not in the same way, and is able to exist entirely outside those rules and structures. He is empowered in this way.

Here is a mind-map I made of how his identity was/is generated (an ongoing process).

#ironically pretentious