‘Until the story of the hunt is told by the lion, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter’

I attended an artist talk on Wednesday the 15th of November at the Riverlight Quay. The talk was given by a Phd student Marianne Keating. She is conducting a research on Post colonial and archival theory focusing on Irish diaspora in Jamaica. Her proposal is to analyse the largely undocumented and unaddressed migration. She conducts her research re-traces the oral history (through interviews), archival documentation and photographs, film footage.

This talk awaken further my fascination with re-tracing, memory and archival systems of the brain to formulate events. Peoples experience difference of the same event and formulates different stories. Since the memory is this passive bank of facts that is influenced by many factors – nostalgia, presentism and of course age. At the same time, I feel oral history addresses the imbalance of representation of the past by ordinary people contributing to their history by retracing their passage of life – filling the gap!!