Now, the human is no longer the only one with global network to connect to the element: a variety of machines can talk to each other in the absence of any human subject, communicate with the surrounding environment. Through the processing and arrangement of the performance of the independent, technical equipment, together with the traditional artificial products began to have their own “life”, and challenges the conventional separation between subject and object. Did the technical devices designed to meet our needs have already enslaved us? Will they enslave us in the future? Or can they open up new ways of thinking, acting and creating? “Fully automated commitment” is a slogan for Fordism. In the moment we call “technology” is a kind of has assimilated it version, for the production, communication, control, and enhanced by instrumenting the body, is one of space, time, and thinking of colonization and rationalization. Of course, technology can’t be simplified. In an exhibition, automation, improvisation and sense of wonder are not relative, but supporting each other. All kinds of artistic propositions believe that technology is complex, and it is driven by the power of reason and irrational. Traditional artificial products, production machinery, technical objects, images and artwork occupy the exhibition hall space, they are both from the digital age of “cultural relic”, also from the future technical utopia, challenge the political ecology of various kinds of goods.