Stop Motion at 10,000% Speed created from the CCTV footage from FRIDGE


‘Α group show heating up the artworld’

In mid‐December 2017 a team of nine international artists from the Masters of Fine Arts at Chelsea College of Arts joined by a guest underground artist from the local community took over a debilitated refrigeration unit and transformed into an art exhibition. (The) FRIDGE, which opened for one night only in Seven Sisters, North London on the 12th of December was a creative project within which the artists re‐appropriated an abandoned building bringing it back to life.

It all started when the group consisting of British, European and International artists came together, assigned to accomplish a “Live project”, a project that would situate their practice in London and aimed at the London’s art scene audience.
The space fittingly nicked named The Fridge – known for its illegal parties over the summer of 2017 on the London underground rave scene was offered to the artists as an experiment to elevate the underlying ethos to something more intrinsically creative.
The vast abandoned ice cream fridge‐turned‐exhibition space in North London wasn’t without its challenges. Already contained within the fridge was a number of installation/decorative artworks from parties and festivals of the past gone by and each artist was free to interact them, as well as the inherent nature and character of the space as an extension of their own artwork, creating a new amalgamated artistic fusion born of appropriation and spatial interaction.

Battling refuse, debris, the cold, dark and the intermittent erratic electrical supply. Each artist integrated their work creating unique, site specific, creative responses to the space

For more details on the exhibiting artists please visit links below.

Annabel Ludovici Gray
Blair Zaye
Corey Whyte
Esra Vazirally
Gardenia White
Irene Pouliassi
Jiayu Wang
Robin Woodward
Wei-chung Lu

Dance of the Knights by Prokofiev

Blair Zaye