Framboise Fashion Louboutin Photography


After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.

                                                                                                                  – Christian Dior





Flowers always play an important part of Mr Dior’s design.

I like the way how flowers and transform not only into decorations on the clothes or prints,

but also the silhouette, structure, and the pattern of the garment.



In this section of exhibition, all the design and art works is about flowers,

from the paper flower installed like a hanging garden

to the artworks of by Claude Monet and Marc Quinn on the wall.

It seen to having a conversation between each other.




I really like the atmosphere the room gave me, delicate, decorative, and fascinating, but at the same time, I felt a little bit too much and dizzy of the lighting in different colours and maybe they just put to many things in the same time. The interesting part of it is the relationship between the artworks on the wall and the gowns standing like sculptures in the middle the look quite embarrassing together, I  mean they are both great but maybe they should not be put together so directly?


to be continue