Live Project -The Invisible Art Gallery


The invisible art Gallery was started with an idea of informal gallery which is a place to simply share our artworks

and having the conversation with our random audience.

We choose a place that is a gray area about privacy and public. The laundry in barbican.

For me, I choose some of my work which is simple and small and trying to have fun with curating in the laundry.



I choose my words to place at the places which machine was broken, so that will not affect othersWhen they need to use the machine.

When our exhibition just going to start, there was a lady who walked in and expressed her feelings strongly and emotionally about how we shouldn’t use this place as a gallery.

Actually I wasn’t expecting that this thing will happen to us because I thought we got the permission. So at first I don’t know what to do. But when the exhibition over, our group had a great discussion about everyone’s diverse thoughts and responds in that night. I think the really interesting part of the live project is that how our group member react to the unexpected conversation which happened that night. To be honest I’m not comfortable in that situation and I’m still thinking about the relationship between art and the audience how did you find public space?