MASH Mobile Absurd Sanity Hospital-played out on Thursday last week, and I feel it went ok, 3 different performance artist were involved Emma Starkey LOZt and Robin Woodward. The show went as smoothly as it could and it was great using the mode of performance to create what looked like a painting. or a moving sculpture. all the performances played around each other.

Emma Starkey painted white wearing a clown nose stood against the white wall for 2 hours momentarily squeezing a red toy. Endurance piece attempting to become a void (?) within the white space there it be noticed or not.

LOZt performed absurd acts using voice as a method to his madness. other objects became part of the performance that moved in and out of the gallery space.

Robin Woodward tangled himself with cord on a chair to then fight against the knots and tangles. Blinded.

Next time I feel that I would like something else within the space such as painting atlas just to add to the atmosphere and general absurd nature of breaking the white walled gallery. I think also a few more performers may have worked out adding to the images as the night progressed.

Robin Woodward