Social conflict index

Income inequality, democracy maturity, and efficiency of government policy (government effectiveness) are used as indicators for calculating social conflict index. The Gini coefficient, which is an indicator of income disparity, is calculated by the arithmetic mean of the ‘demographic index’ indicating the ‘number of government effect papers’ measured by the World Bank and the degree of democracy maturity. The lower the democratic maturity and government effectiveness, the higher the income disparity, the higher the conflict index.

Meanwhile, according to a report by the Samsung Economic Research Institute in 2010, “Korea’s Social Conflict and Economic Expenditure” report, Korea’s social conflict level is the second highest among the 27 OECD countries after Korea’s social conflict index. Apart from Turkey, which is experiencing religious conflicts, it is at the most serious level, which is 1.5 times higher than the OECD average. According to the economic loss, researchers report that the annual loss is 82 trillion won to 246 trillion won


Conflicts among family members, such as news and dramas, and conflicts among colleagues can make home communication ineffective and reduce collaboration and teamwork in the organization. This, of course, results in direct and indirect losses

If so, what is the conflict in our society that is made up of larger and diverse members of personality? Representative conflicts in Korea include regional conflicts, industrial conflicts, ideological conflicts, and public conflicts.

It seems that our society, which has achieved rapid economic industrialization and political democratization, is currently facing serious social conflicts and that social conflict management is an important task that determines the nation’s destiny.




The greed of those who are not honest with themselves and the situation that they do not understand others makes the conflicts between people increasingly intensified. As with any country or any group, Korea, which has changed dramatically (political, economic, ideological, etc.), is made up of a number of conflicts of interests. These conflicts have questions about what characteristics of people are based on and I want to show them to people.