Mood board for designers is like a sketch book For artists, as a designer I really like to look deeply and their mood board and all the sketches, inspiration image and illustrations. For me this makes me feel like I am listening to the story behind the whole process of the design.


How fascinating to see all those details and processes in those sketches from the very beginningTo the selection of fabric and then the pattern making and finally the gorgeous gown.

Now I’m going to talking about the two designers I like, Raf Simons and  Maria Grazia Chiuri.


Raf Simons

 Compared to John Galliano’s dramatical bold and colorful design his works seems more minimalist and more quiet in a romantic way.

Raf Simons’ works give me a sense of peaceful and elegant, which is really outstanding.

A few years ago I saw the documentary ”Dior and I ”, the way he treats his work and that attitude he use in the fashion industry is so inspiring. And The most rememberable scene is that he still extremely nervous before the show goes on.

It reminds me that even if one the greatest designer at the time is still a human.



Maria Grazia Chiuri



Maria Grazia Chiuri is the first woman designer of Dior. On the runway, she sent out T-shirts with the title of Linda Nochlin’s 1971 essay, “Why have there been no great women artists?”, She has been described as feminist designer and her work gives me a new version of Dior design, a more realistic and society relative design.