I recently read a fashion magazine about an artist whose work impressed me.

Geoffrey Farmer is a Canadian artist, based in Vancouver. His career as an artist was not planned, he simply attended an art class with his sister when he was 21 and that was that.

Farmer’s work is really amazing. Sometimes it’s a lot of bizarre abstract objects.  He uses collage, photography, drawing, sculpture, video and many found materials to create complex pieces which can contain sound or mechanical elements to bring them to life.

Farmer is known to drastically edit and rearrange his pieces according to the space in which they are installed. He said :

I knew from the beginning that it was important the figures be placed in chronological order… It hadn’t occurred to me that it would be a strange kind of history lesson. It was like a slow-motion flip-book
Interview with Rosemary Heather, Canadian Art, 2012

How Do I Fit This Ghost in My Mouth? An exhibition by Geoffrey Farmer, Vancouver Art Gallery, May 30 to September 7, 2015

When looking at his work is like visiting a museum of the future, and reading a history book of deja vu. I like this feeling.

jijie zheng