Hidden Sexuality


Women are designed to have many different kind of orgasms. Physical exhaustion is the only thing that can stop woman from having orgasms. They have no end. One of the biggest understandings of female sexuality is to base all the actions around female. Biochemically women’s orgasm and response to arousal is very different to men’s. There is so much information available on female sexuality but people don’t know about it. Pharmaceutical companies are one of the reasons why the information is not out there. It is much more profitable to feed woman with pills for low libido than to teach both sexes how to interact. The other reason is the big amount of pressure on men. They are already tired from every day routine and to learn from the beginning of how to interact and touch women is a very challenging task. Even though we live in 21 century it is still a taboo to write and talk publicly about vagina.


Can art be one of the ways to make people think differently about their own sexuality?


Alexandra Shatalova