In 2017, the Japanese crowdfunding site Ready for appeared with a project: “break the stereotype! The electricity in the temple, the challenge!” How to? Is this title burning! As the initiator, the temple abbot has doubts and doubts. His family encouraged him to realize this crazy idea. He impressed all of his people with his electric and multimedia lighting. He is 49 years old, the storehouse xuan as well temple abbot, the scene of the play, you will find that he is different from other abbot, dressed in robes, wearing a pair of headphones, lower the head to make a song by techno music, read the Buddha is summered and said the Buddha amitabha sutra. If you don’t listen carefully, what Club or Club do you think you’re breaking into?

At first, although there was the idea of an electric sound law, it was always a pain to go to the barn. It’s so easy to get an electric live, let alone a group of monks to turn religious law into an electric party. The whole process is as difficult as it worries. First the equipment, let the monks have no idea. How to present the best light effect? How to make 3D effect? How does music interact with the light? These are the problems they face. Because no one has ever done the electrophonic act before, they have nothing to refer to. But it was because they were never before that they were able to let go. Before the official performance, everyone had to rehearse a lot of times, but no one knew what the final presentation would be. Before the performance was completed, everyone was worried about the effect. The most important thing about this unconventional form of dharma is the reaction of the old people. It was these people who imagined the most stubborn old man, and after the meeting he met with a smile and said, “your ‘pure land’ is beautiful!” There was even an old man who said, “I want to go to the world quickly after seeing it. If the world after death is like this, it will be very happy!” This kind of feedback makes the temple excited, and also makes it feel that what they are doing has a special meaning at once.

Some people wonder why there is such a “violation of the traditional” electricity law in temples. The original intention is simple – people, especially young people, visit temples to visit less and less. On the one hand is for the future of Buddhism, on the other hand is to really become a temple “anyone can visit places”, hosted at the warehouse with the temple monks with imagination, hope to do as well temple as a starting point, to construct “temple community”. Studied music making of the warehouse in Tokyo gives birth to a bold idea, will can make electronic music parties – a way of are more likely to resonate with young people, to let them know that “religion is actually can be so cool”!