Time piece ( Gilbert and Vazirally) – Ink and Acrylic on Recycled wood

Its okay to Cry – Gilbert and Vazirally – Ink and acrylic on recycled paper

You Burst my Bubble – Gilbert and Vazirally – Ink and Acrylic on Bed Linen.

” To Sheet or not to Sheet ” Esra Vazirally – Ink and Acrylic on Bed linen



So I came into Uni one more only a few weeks after I met my parents for dinner the night before fuming. My parents were in town and had taken me to dinner : I was excited to see them but they were more excited to talk about other things ( suitors ! )… GIVE ME A BREAK .. Anyway she (Joanna Gilbert) was she was in the studio paint brush in hand ready for action…

So I just let it all out and told her about the ties of coming from a traditional family… And Jo shared the issues she was facing with her marriage. We instantly connected and that how we began to make a body of collaborative pieces.

I had never even though of incorporating words into my work or thing out different painting styles. Ive been trying out different technique to approach my work.

Even the idea of using scrap wood and bed linen was something new and interesting to myself.

-Esra Vazirally and Joanna Gilbert

Video of one of our Collaborative Pieces :