I have recently read a very interesting piece of information on the immortality plan┬áput forward at the “Global Future 2045 International Conference” held in Moscow in March 2012. This is a high-tech research project with the ultimate goal of eternal life. The plan will “eradicate” the aging and death of humans and overcome the fundamental constraints of human physiology and spirituality. In the prolonged life after the biological body is depleted, personal consciousness can make independent decisions in the new shell to which it is transplanted. In order to achieve immortality.

“immortal” four stages of the plan:

The first step: from 2015 to 2020, through the human brain remote robot “incarnation.”

Step Two: Transfer human brains to robots from 2020 to 2025 (scientists need to create a precise environment for brain survival in robot “avatars”).

Step 3: From 2025 to 2035, create “artificial brain” (the robot will have a “artificial brain” that stores the owner’s personality and memory).

Step 4: From 2035 to 2045, the “virtual person” comes out (the humanoid robot will also be abandoned and become a holographic version of the “virtual person” that can pass through the wall, so in theory it is an “immortal” .

The article said most researchers are not optimistic about “uploading” the human brain to cyborgs and are skeptical about the project.

Like the “Clones” and other issues, this program faces the ethical challenge

I think this plan is so interesting because, if it is realized, there will be two kinds of human forms in the world, one that exists in reality and one that exists in light and consciousness. It remains to be seen how much the existence of these two forms of human beings will alter the entire world. In addition, after all, such a substitute person still needs to rely on technology and energy to maintain. Whether it can really achieve “eternal life” is also┬áto be discussed.