During Christmas holidays, I went to Switzerland and in an art gallery in Geneva. I saw a very interesting video.

“No Nose Knows” created in 2015 by Mika Rottenberg, mixed the artist’s fictional sneeze episode of pasta and the real story of Chinese women collecting pearl. These “employees” are engaged in simple and repetitive manual work in their respective “production positions.” Body posture, tight muscles and flowing sweat all make their original features more magnified.

This outspoken lens makes me feel uncomfortable, but also provoke my excitement. Because the content of the video appeared in my hometown ,southeast of China where have rich in pearls . Endless mining of pearls reflects not only endless desires, but also reveals that in contemporary society, despite the continuous development of science and technology, the production base of exploiting and squeezing the labor force at every moment has not changed.

This is the first time I’ve seen the colorful and artistic style of South American artists. South America has experienced the fragmentation and overthrow of civilizations, the invasion and mixture of cultures and the oppression and resistance in modern times. So works full of fanaticism and depression, passion and violence, humor and cruelty. Reminds me of the Latin literature i have read in the past. Some mysterious elements and these elements of art intertwined, creating a variety of grotesque world.