About Pelvic Nerve:

The differences between two genders are biological and that’s where I began my understanding of how biology of my own body works. It was a big surprise to me to realize that I knew nothing about my sexuality. The social history of female sexuality and the need for a better language for our sexual organs is a key to help men and women understand each other better.

My research showed me that even though we hear and talk about sex a lot, the information about female sexuality is out of date. There are so many new scientific discoveries about female sexuality, which have not been widely conveyed and I believe that they can improve sexual and emotional life for so many women.

What do you know about your own body?

One of the biggest discoveries for me was the importance of a pelvic nerve. I can describe it as almost a network of wiring that goes through your vagina, clitoris and vulva. The most amazing thing is that every woman is wired differently. The pelvic nerve brunches in individual way for every woman on the planet-no two women are alike. This physical difference is the reason all woman experience sex in a very different way.

The male pelvic neural network is so much simpler, almost like a grid of neural pathways concentrated around the penis.


Experimental Art piece inspired by Pelvic Nerve. I overlaid three images with different scales showing where pelvic nerve is located in women’s body: first is the skeleton with pelvic nerve going around it, the second layers is a close up of the vagina and anus showing the position of pelvic nerve around genitals and the third layer is a pelvic nerve under the microscope.

It was made using 3D modeling combined with pencil drawing.

Alexandra Shatalova