I wrote this blog after a long time, it is our Live Project -The Invisible Art Gallery

This is our first exhibition in london .so i pay more attention on this .We choose a  laundry in barbican which  is  privacy and public.

When we decided to do an exhibition in the laundry, I wondered if I could wash something strange. I first thought of washing books. I bought some books about ancient Chinese art at an old stall in London.because I realized that today Chinese contemporary antiquities artists are refocusing on ancient Chinese civilization. I was also interested in ancient Chinese civilization, i realized that these book are very valuable .Washing books has been appeared the history of contemporary art, but I wanted to recreate these fragments of ancient Chinese art and make them into a new book, a carrier of civilization. This process is also the process of destruction and establishment of culture. What is left of culture after it has been destroyed and purged?

jijie Zheng